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Article: Petit Press Room # 1 Wearing Nana Seino

プチプレスルーム#1 清野菜名さんご着用

Petit Press Room # 1 Wearing Nana Seino

*Worn by Nana Seino*
TBS Tuesday drama "I just stamped the marriage registration"
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In the first episode of the 2021/10/19 (Tue.) broadcast
Worn by Nana Seino.
Please check it out along with the drama!




LA POMME petit
"Since I was a girl, I've always had a crush that I've known.A special French girly style. "
I love cute things forever. With a French girly world view, We propose items that add gorgeous colors to your daily life with a slightly playful design.

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プチプレスルーム#2 横山由依さんご着用

Petit Press Room # 2 Yui Yokoyama wears

*Worn by Yui Yokoyama* Every Sunday broadcast Fuji TV "Mirai Monster" CHECK VEST AND FRILL BLOUSE 2021/11/07 (Sun) broadcast Worn by Yui Yokoyama. Thank you for dressing me up so well!...

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